Advocate & Policy Positions

Debbie May is a recognized and trusted advocate for small businesses specializing in handmade products. As she meets with elected officials and their staff, the following principles summarize her policy positions.
  • Supports regulatory flexibility and paperwork reduction for small businesses.  Unnecessary regulation burdens small businesses in a way that creates an unfair market advantage to large corporations.
  • Supports small business exemptions of registration fees to operate in specific industry fields. Such fees create an obstacle for small employers and inhibit new entrepreneurs from entering the market.
  • Supports the right of consumers to choose innovative handcrafted, small batch produced products which are safe as shown by generally recognized and accepted science.
  • Supports the exchange of ideas between members of our government. This exchange has the purpose of fostering growth of our industry. Through grants, loans, fair trade agreements and the like, our government can be a catalyst to our growth and prosperity.