Stay In Compliance: Understanding the FDA’s Soap Exemption

FDA logoDid you know that not all soap is exempt from FDA regulation as a cosmetic?  The FDA Cosmetic exemption for soap is very, very specific and it is much more than just naming a bar of soap “soap”.
The FDA states that a product meets the Soap Exemption ONLY when:

  1. The bulk of the nonvolatile matter in the product consists of an alkali salt of fatty acids and the product’s detergent properties are due to the alkali-fatty acid compounds.
  2. The product is labeled, sold, and represented solely as soap.

Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act

The JOBS act signed into law in April 2012 is designed to enable businesses to raise startup and operating capital.  It reduces the burden of certain securities regulations to promote equity “crowdfunding” as a viable funding source.

While the concept of crowdfunding isn’t new, the Internet has greatly expanded the capability of entrepreneurs to exploit it.  Crowdfunding is broadly defined as funding a venture by raising relatively small amounts of money from a large number of non-accredited investors.  Entrepreneurs that found it difficult or impossible to raise venture capital or obtain loan financing now have a direct link to the general public as potential investors.

Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch

Do you find yourself struggling to tell others what makes your business so great, in a way that is succinct and clear? Perhaps you’ve left a networking function, luncheon, or even a social event wishing you had been able to find the words that could have helped formed a new business connection. If so, it’s time to work on your elevator pitch! Though this sales tactic has been around for decades, it’s still an effective business tool worth perfecting: In less than a minute, it arms you with a go-to tool that tells people what makes your business unique --and more importantly, makes them want to know more. 

Here’s how to do it.

Are YOU Your Top Priority?

This morning I am working at a local coffee house: my office away from home. Sitting across from me are four men enjoying a conversation about their priorities, their faith, and other meaningful life matters.  Any opportunity to listen to men discuss their feelings is interesting to me, so I’ll confess -- I’m eavesdropping! 

One of the gentlemen posed the question, “In order of importance, what are your priorities in life?” Here’s his friend’s response. Note the order of importance: