Raising Capital

The majority of small business failures are caused by insufficient capital.  This article is focused on two concepts.  First, it will provide various alternatives for raising capital.  Second, it will highlight steps to reduce the need for outside capital.  

To raise capital, you’ll need a solid business plan that describes your business and provides complete financial information.  Without such a plan, it’s virtually impossible to secure bank loans or other investors.  If you lack the expertise to prepare the plan, hire someone who does.  It will definitely be worth it in the long run.

How to Make Change Manageable

How to Make Change Manageable

It seems that with every New Year celebration comes a promise to change, create and grow.  Unfortunately, too many people set themselves up for failure with promises for a new reality when the true reality is that their goals are simply too lofty.  After being in this pattern for too many years we tend to resist change and stop trying to improve our lives. 

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who said, “If I ever get cancer I would exercise a lot more, eat nothing but greens and other healthy foods, and meditate every single day.” After her proclamation we both broke out in laughter. Why wait until you get cancer to develop a healthy lifestyle? 


The New Year isn’t just about making resolutions in your personal life; it presents a primeopportunity to focus on simple goals that will streamline the way your business functions for the entire year. Here are three simple New Years’ Resolutions guaranteed to transform your business.

1.Get your financial house in order.
As if striking the balance between parenting and professional obligations doesn’t keep you busy enough, work at home moms are faced with a whole new set of entrepreneurial challenges that life before self-employment didn’t necessarily entail, including the legal and financial obligations of owning your own business.