Survival Tips for Struggling Solopreneurs

A few years ago, survival tips for the small business owner would have focused primarily on productivity issues and marketing strategies. In the face of an unstable economy the topic has shifted to evaluating your choices and redefining some, or all, of what you do.

 It’s not necessarily a bad thing; in many cases rebranding, redefining and refocusing have been at the core of significant success. And, many former corporate employees are re-evaluating their life direction and career path, choosing to add to the ranks of small business. Since small businesses in America have generated 60 to 80 percent of net new jobs annually over the last decade, this may be exactly the boost our economy needs to begin digging out.
Here are a few things to evaluate and consider if you are not happy with your current revenues.  If you have other tips, please add them to the list in our comments section!