4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Social Media Efforts by Tomorrow

When you’re a work at home mom, social media is a powerful force in spreading the word about your products, and building relationships with customers and partners—without requiring you to leave the house! But with the rapid evolution of social media, marketers are tasked with keeping audiences who are completely inundated with marketing messages interested and engaged. Here are four small tweaks you can make to your social media efforts right now, that can make a big difference in your business.

Solve your problems. Pop quiz: Which of your business needs does social media fulfill? If you can’t answer that question specifically and immediately, it’s time re-evaluate your strategy. Many companies make the mistake of setting up a Facebook page or Twitter feed, with no strategy, and using it as an occasional dumping ground to post a press release, questions, or a product photo. Despite the size of your following, social media activity that doesn’t contribute to solving a business goal is not a good use of time. Clearly define all of your business goals and develop a social media “editorial calendar” to ensure that everything you post acts as an “answer” to a business “problem.” For example, if building brand awareness is a goal, host a product gift basket give away to one lucky who user who shares your page, instead of simply posting “new product is here!”  Likewise, you can build engagement by using social media as a means for “fan only” discount offers.

Less says more. Social media is the place to say what you mean directly. According to Facebook, your text posts should be no longer than 90 characters, and pictures and video are more effective than words, driving 2X more user engagement than text alone.  Make sure your profile images “read,” and scale from 180x180 to 32x32 pixels.

Respond often. Social media has become a venue where people vent—about everything! Whether the responses you receive are positive or not, your engagement on social media sets the overall tone for the responsiveness of your business. Apps like Buffer (whose basic user plan is free) make it easy to stay connected to your social media following, and to schedule posts when you know your audience is engaged.

Search for a new audience.  There are more than 350 million “Tweets” sent each day, and although you’re a small business, that use can reveal plenty of “low hanging fruit”—if you know how to grab it! For example, TweetDeck allows you to search for new customers or business partners based on keywords in their Tweets that are relevant to your business, regardless of hashtag (#) use. For example, if you make “soy candles”, you could search that term using Tweetdeck, and offer a coupon or free product sample to all customers who posted with those terms. To that end, you can also search for customers who are using your competitors—and offer some “bait” to lure them away!