Handmade Cosmetic Alliance – New Website

The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance (HCA) is pleased to introduce their new website.

The HCA is an alliance of artisans, small business owners, and soap and cosmetic manufacturers from across the country that want to preserve the freedom to produce and sell handmade soap & cosmetics in the USA.

The HCA works with legislators to preserve American jobs created by the handmade soap and cosmetic industry using these three simple messages:
  1. Support small business exemptions for handmade cosmetic companies so that they may create local jobs and contribute to local economies.
  2. Reduce regulatory paperwork that has little to no impact on cosmetic safety but drives up the cost of doing business.
  3.  Support financial aid as a way to foster and grow small businesses in the United States.
Ask your member of Congress to please support small business exemptions on any cosmetic legislation so that my business, as well as others like yours, can continue to grow while contributing to the economy.
The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance website is accepting partners.  Showing your support is free.  Simply contact us and we will add your company to the public listing.  Click here to contact us.
You can view the full HCA site at:  http://HandmadeCosmeticAlliance.org