4 Steps to Gaining Control Over Your Career

Do you ever feel like you’re living the adage “when it rains, it pours,” as a stay at home working mom? Whether you’ve experienced a positive windfall, or negative downpour, it’s easy to lose sight of which activities are most beneficial to growing your business, when you’re being pulled in several directions. As a result, you work like crazy—but have no idea where the time goes, or what it’s worth.

One way to counteract such chaos is by setting clear goals—and sticking to them no matter what. In short, it’s the key step in taking control over your career—or letting it control you! Here’s how.

Handmade Cosmetic Alliance – New Website

The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance (HCA) is pleased to introduce their new website.

The HCA is an alliance of artisans, small business owners, and soap and cosmetic manufacturers from across the country that want to preserve the freedom to produce and sell handmade soap & cosmetics in the USA.

The HCA works with legislators to preserve American jobs created by the handmade soap and cosmetic industry using these three simple messages:
  1. Support small business exemptions for handmade cosmetic companies so that they may create local jobs and contribute to local economies.
  2. Reduce regulatory paperwork that has little to no impact on cosmetic safety but drives up the cost of doing business.
  3.  Support financial aid as a way to foster and grow small businesses in the United States.
Ask your member of Congress to please support small business exemptions on any cosmetic legislation so that my business, as well as others like yours, can continue to grow while contributing to the economy.
The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance website is accepting partners.  Showing your support is free.  Simply contact us and we will add your company to the public listing.  Click here to contact us.
You can view the full HCA site at:  http://HandmadeCosmeticAlliance.org

Improving Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is a measure of financial performance used to gauge the profitability of an investment. It’s often referred to as the rate of return. ROI is usually expressed as a ratio (or percentage) of the money gained or lost on an investment divided by the cost of that investment. For most businesses, the gain is normally called net income or profit. The investment cost is usually called capital, principal, cost basis, or asset value.

The beauty of ROI is that you can adapt its calculation to your specific business. The danger is that the calculation can be manipulated to produce a distorted picture of reality. Because of this, it doesn’t make sense to compare your business’s ROI against those of your competitors, unless you know the methodology the competition is using.

Work from Home, Save Money

Working from home represents a different lifestyle than a corporate job. Not only do you have more flexibility in your work schedule, you’ll have more time to devote to productive work, and waste less on commuting, and office politics. But, thanks to your home office set up, there are other easy ways to save money, and maximize the value of your time as a stay at home working mom. Here are four money-saving changes you can start today.  

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Bath & Body Products

This article is the first in a three-part series.

This piece will cover the basics, while the next two articles will offer more technical internet marketing tips and navigational tools for using Pinterest. In case you haven’t heard, there are more and more bath and body entrepreneurs jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon (http://www.pinterest.com). In addition to being a fun social media site to visit for inspiring photos of anything from decorating ideas to soaps, many Pinterest users are reporting increased website traffic and sales.

In fact, some Etsy sellers have reported that after they have added Pinterest to their mix, online sales rose from 30% to 50% of their revenue. If you sell or shop on Etsy, you may have noticed that it recently added Pinterest's "Pin It'' button next to each item on sale. Customers click the Pinterest button to add an item to their pinboards. Even if they don't buy the product, artists benefit from the exposure.