New Years Goals for Work at Home Moms

Whether you set your sights on a new year’s resolution or not, there are four long-term new years goals all work at home moms should vow to take on this year. They won’t involve strapping on running shoes, or counting calories—but they will help you put your best foot forward when it comes to establishing the best balance for your work and family.

Track your time. The key to profitably when you’re a work at home mom is simple: Make the most of the time you have. With that comes spotting, and banishing, the time-wasters. For the next week, track the amount of time you spend doing everything--whether running to the post office, developing products, taking care of pets, having lunch, or poking around on social media. Some of your tasks will reveal themselves productive (or, unavoidable)--but many won’t. This simple exercise can provide a sense of structure and productivity to your day, and most importantly, alleviate some of the stress that being a work at home mom presents. Check in with your progress each month and course-correct when you slip back into time-wasting habits.

Think in quarters. When you’re trying to balance work and family, focusing on any new task or goal in addition to what’s already on your plate can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Further, when you think you have a full year to accomplish something, it’s too easy to cast aside. Craft a quarterly plan to identify four efforts that will fuel your upward momentum in business this year. Maybe you’ve been “meaning” to find a new supplier, update your business website, amp up your publicity and marketing efforts, and attend one trade show—but never find the time for any. Dedicate three months to one task at a time to find focus and progress.

Connect weekly. Making connections can be challenging when you’re a work at home mom, but it’s an important stepping stone in building your business. Instead of beating yourself up over every industry event you can’t attend, embrace the power of online connections and people you encounter in every day life. Make it a goal to introduce your brand, self and business to just one person a week, whether online, by phone, or in person. By the end of the year, you’ll have more than 50 new connections. You may be surprised where they’ll lead.

Plan for down time. You may feel driven to work as often as possible, but scheduling for downtime is the key to your long-term potential, and can help refresh your mind, motivation, and creativity. Find at least two weeks this year to enjoy doing whatever you want—except for work. Advance planning allows you to manage your finances and business schedule accordingly, so there are no stresses or excuses when the time comes to take a break.


Stephanie Taylor Christensen is a former financial services marketer turned stay at home working mom, yoga instructor and freelance writer covering personal finance, small business,consumer issues, work-life balance and health/wellness topics for ForbesWoman , Minyanville , SheKnows , Mint , Intuit Small Business, Investopedia and several other online properties. She is also the founder ofWellness On Less and Om for Mom prenatal yoga. Stephanie wrote this feature article exclusively for Debbie (, an organization dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.