Artisan Spotlight: Marcy Moorhead - Willow Bay Naturals

When Marcy Moorhead was operating her successful cloth diaper company she had the idea that handmade soaps might make a nice offshoot to her business. She herself suffered from Eczema and had been using them for years. So, she read all that she could to teach herself the process, and tested and perfected her recipes. Before long, her business had branched out and she found herself selling her diaper business to someone else and Willow Bay Naturals ( was born.

What Social Media Hangout is Best for Your Business!

There’s no arguing it anymore… if you want your business to thrive, you must have a social media presence.  Consumers now have an expectation of interacting with brands online and they love to share their experience of a brand on their social sites. And if you are not out there, your consumers will feel let down. But this is exciting news. After all, where else can you get this kind of consumer attention and interaction? And, where else can you reach your audience for a pittance compared to traditional advertising? Social media has given small business the opportunity to compete with the big brands. How can you beat that?

New Years Goals for Work at Home Moms

Whether you set your sights on a new year’s resolution or not, there are four long-term new years goals all work at home moms should vow to take on this year. They won’t involve strapping on running shoes, or counting calories—but they will help you put your best foot forward when it comes to establishing the best balance for your work and family.

Track your time. The key to profitably when you’re a work at home mom is simple: Make the most of the time you have. With that comes spotting, and banishing, the time-wasters. For the next week, track the amount of time you spend doing everything--whether running to the post office, developing products, taking care of pets, having lunch, or poking around on social media. Some of your tasks will reveal themselves productive (or, unavoidable)--but many won’t. This simple exercise can provide a sense of structure and productivity to your day, and most importantly, alleviate some of the stress that being a work at home mom presents. Check in with your progress each month and course-correct when you slip back into time-wasting habits.