Updated Industry Survey & Debbie May's Trip to DC

There are updated Handmade Cosmetic Industry Survey Results.

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To date over 1900 respondents have completed the survey!

While I suspect this is a significant sampling of the industry, I will continue to update the results weekly for any changes.

I am happy to announce that Debbie May and Anne-Marie Faiola are together spending a very busy three days in Washington, DC next week. The purpose of the trip is:
  1. To conduct face to face meetings with legislators. We want to hear what they have to say, where new cosmetic bills are going and explain the potential impact on our industry. From preliminary talks, it is clear that no legislator wants to hurt our industry….frankly many don’t know we exist and don’t understand what we do. They want to help us but do not understand how they can help. This is where we plan to help the industry.
  2. To meet with influential members of congress that can help communicate and influence our position with legislators seeking direction.
  3. To network with organizations that may be of help to our industry. 
I want to personally thank you for participating in the survey. It helps us tremendously in providing insight into our industry.

In addition to the survey, Anne-Marie and I have agreed to pool our unique customer and sales data to help provide those in DC with an indication of industry size and economic impact. As you are aware, it is unusual for two competitors to share confidential business information. I hope it shows you how committed we both are to this industry.

If you have questions to comments, please feel free to email me at Debbie@WholesaleSuppliesPlus.com

Working Hard for Your Success!

Debbie May