Artisan Spotlight: Jacque Jones-Gross - face.body.feet

Like so many of our generation, I suppose, Jacque’s spark of inspiration came from Martha Stewart.

An exploration of the lifestyle diva’s bath tea recipe led her down the fragrant path and into the addictive world of handmade bath and body products. “I have always been an entrepreneur—never wanting to work for someone else—always wanting to have something that is mine. I've always had a thing for arts & crafts, but I never thought about it being something that I would actually start a business with.” Well, not until last spring.

Not even a full year in, she already has big plans. Warm support from family, friends, and her customers have encouraged her to ramp up her efforts to attract wholesale accounts and to get her website up and running. “I can be very impatient at times for things that I want so much, but I know with face.body.feet, patience will be my virtue.”
“Even though I haven't been in business long, I am constantly evolving as I tweak my packaging, my labels, and my recipes. I strive to use natural products in as many of my products as possible, and am always looking for new items to add to my collection which include body butters, foot soaks, scrubs, soaps and more. The thing that keeps me evolving and expanding is that I want the day to come where I can do this full-time and put 100% time and energy into it and not have to spend 8 hours at a regular ‘day job’."

Recently, she was contacted by Time Out New York magazine for an online article they were working on—“Local Fragrances" from New York City businesses. They’d scouted her out on Etsy, and wanted to see some samples. Her Vanilla Sandalwood cologne oil was featured on August 5, 2011. “I ran around the house screaming! I called and texted everybody! I just couldn't believe they featured me, when there are so many bigger and more well-known brands out there in New York City, and only 4 months after starting!”

“When I began, I wanted create fun, easy-to-use bath and body goodies to pamper myself with at home. I fell in love with my creations so much that I had to share them! I love using natural, fun, fruity, flirty, and sometimes naughty—and I love to throw in fun colors. Knowing that the ingredients come from mother earth makes them so much more fun to use.”

ROBIN M LENHARD is a freelance business writer and craft artisan, based in Buffalo, New York, and is a board member of Artists in Buffalo, Inc.. Robin wrote this feature article exclusively for Debbie (, an organization dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.