Artisan Spotlight: Diana Mueller - Bellaroma

The stars were certainly out in LA last weekend for the Emmy’s, and that includes in the gifting suite.
Diana Mueller is the owner and creator of Bellaroma –a natural skincare boutique (and Etsy shop) whose products were featured on display at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Gift Lounge hosted by GBK and The Artisan Group. Her luxurious goods were included in 110 swag bags for the celebrities and members of the press. “Nasim Pedrad from SNL asked to take home my Grapeseed Banana Facial Scrub”, she beamed on her blog Monday morning. “I was also told that the Beverly Hills Hilton Spa loved my stuff and took one of my products too! I even got a Tweet from Niecy Nash!”

This wasn’t the first high-profile opportunity for Mueller: her Mud & Milk Facial Mask was showcased on the homepage of Martha Stewart's “Dreamers Into Doers”. It was there that The Artisan Group found her and connected about the Emmy’s! “It's all about networking”, she says. “I'm very proud of how far I've come and how I am continuing to grow. I am loving my new journey!”

A former certified massage therapist who also deeply studied aromatherapy, she was forced to retire after her own back problems—ironically—made it difficult for her to perform her job. “I had already started making my own lotions and using them on my clients. One day my co-worker said, ‘why don't you sell these?’, so I wrote down a business plan, got logos and web designs together, and have been loving it and doing it ever since!”

She says what she enjoys the most is creating new formulas. “They are insanely exotic and decadent!” Her eco-friendly blends are handmade inspired by nature using 100% pure essential oils, organic infusions, and exotic botanicals from all over the world. Diana makes everything from natural soap bars to goat milk moisturizers, from apricot kernel perfume oils to all-natural headache remedies, from sleep-inducing pillow mists to organic facial care. "I've always had a strong passion for creativity and holistic wellness.”

She also admits to being a perfectionist at heart who has learned to take constructive criticism, move forward, and learn from it. In the coming months, she plans to update her product photography and website. “I've launched many new products this past year! Who knows, maybe I'll also be working on shipping out products to The Beverly Hills Hilton!?”

ROBIN M LENHARD is a freelance business writer and craft artisan, based in Buffalo, New York, and is a board member of Artists in Buffalo, Inc.. Robin wrote this feature article exclusively for Debbie (, an organization dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.