Why You Should Promote Your Online Business – Offline

Why You Should Promote Your Online Business – Offline

If you run an online artisan business, or conduct sales of art or crafts through the Internet, you may forget there’s a whole marketing world you are missing. While you may be search engine savvy, you’ll miss many “real world” marketing opportunities if you fail to use off-line strategies to promote your online presence.  

There are many offline marketing techniques that may seem “old school” – such as print, radio and television advertising – but they work. If you don’t have the budget for this kind of advertising, there is a lot more you can do to get your name out in the “real world” inexpensively.  Here are a few creative ideas:

Artisan Spotlight: Mary Kroll - Wild Heaven Farm

For Mary Kroll of Wild Heaven Farm, building her business has truly been a team effort. Her team? A herd of seven goats!

She’d grown up on a goat and chicken homestead, so to keep goats on her own farm was an easy decision. The plan was to make and sell bottled milk and cheese but, after learning about dairy industry requirements, she decided to teach herself how to make soap.

Exporting Your Products

The potential for international sales and profits is very attractive if you are looking to expand. Before making this leap, take a hard look at what you are currently doing and validate that this is something you can undertake without hurting your ongoing business.

Your existing products may not be eligible for sale in some countries based on local laws, customs, or trade barriers. Step one should be to determine where you can export and if your products need to be modified or adapted for the markets you select.