Keep It R A D When Stress Hits

The answer to keeping it light when stress hits your business, or any part of your life, is RAD: Release And Deflect. If you've been in business for any length of time, and certainly if you are new to the business scene, you've probably had your share of stress in the form of anxiety or tension, aches or pains, eating problems or sleepless nights. You can consider yourself a seasoned business owner if you've experienced all of these dubious benefits.

“The News” Is Just Too Depressing!

Taking a break and watching the news these days is definitely not relaxing or refreshing to most people’s mind or spirit. When your schedule is so busy that you're grabbing for snippets of peace wherever, whenever and however you can grab them, one of the last things you want to suddenly face is anything that puts you in a tailspin toward more stress.

What's Your Online Reputation?

If you don’t think your small artisan business has an online “reputation” – note that all the tweets, postings, links, and so on, that you’ve been accumulating online over the years have been painting an informational picture of your business.

Here’s a question for you: Is it a positive picture?

A recent study showed that 24 percent of online consumers were turned off after reading just two negative reviews. ( According to research commissioned by Microsoft, 79 percent of the U.S. hiring managers and job recruiters review online reputation information when considering job applicants; 70 percent of the managers in this study have rejected candidates based on inappropriate photos, videos, comments, and a questionable lifestyle.

Checklist For Going Into Business

Starting a new business is an exciting challenge, but can be risky if you aren’t fully prepared. Success starts with the entrepreneur and your willingness to work hard and persevere. The right attitude can make or break a business.

It also helps to understand your strengths and weaknesses relative to the business you are creating. Your odds are better if you choose a business that fits your experience, skills and educational background, and it’s something you really enjoy.

Here are a few tips to help prepare for that giant step into opening your new business: