Put Your Best Business Foot Forward

Putting your best business foot forward can be difficult, especially when you're just starting out. But if you follow the right processes through research, by comparing and contrasting your product or service with your competition, and in your ability to deliver your very best efforts in every respect, then chances are you are on your way to success as a business owner. The journey can be overwhelming and, in reality, is never as easy as you plan or expect it to be.

Get a Grip!

The first rule of thumb to remember is – Don’t Panic! Woven throughout your enthusiasm, self-confidence, determination and excellent preparations, panic does exist. You can tell yourself, “I have everything under control…well, as much as I can,” but having total control over your business is something of a myth. Why? Because in business you rely on others for your success. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-person show or have a staff of fifty. If you fail to deliver the goods, you are destined to remain an unknown in business.

Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make

I love to read and learn.  From time to time I come across articles on the Internet that make me pause and say "this author is so right!"

Today I read this article so I wanted to send our readers a link.  The article is quick, concise and right on the money.  It is great for any small business owner.  Here is the link:

Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make
Authored By Tammy Livingston

This article was written by Debbie May.  Debbie May.com (www.DebbieMay.com), an organization dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.

Negotiating for Success

The ability to negotiate may be one of the most important skills needed to run a successful business. Everything you buy or sell should be considered negotiable, including your rent, office supplies, products, maintenance costs, and employee salaries and benefits.

Many people are reluctant to negotiate because they fear that they will be viewed as being cheap or uncooperative. Some just don’t like confrontation and would prefer to take the path of least resistance. If you want to maximize your profit, put those thoughts out of your mind.

Repeal of the Form 1099 Reporting Requirement

Businesses large and small have been concerned about the language in the new Federal Healthcare Reform Legislation requiring businesses to file paperwork reporting for each customer making purchases of $600 or more in 2012.
I am pleased to report that there has been a successful effort to repeal the form 1099 reporting requirement.  Here is a summary of the effort:

Is Email Robbing You of Time (and Money)?

Obsessively checking email may seem harmless. You may say even say it is beneficial in helping you “keep in touch” with clients and customers.  But is it really? Can excessive email-checking be making your artisan business unproductive?

Many experts say that if you are checking your email several times an hour, reading every message that pops into your inbox, responding instantly to every email message or text, or use email instead of phone, it could be that email is taking over your business life. And it could be silently robbing you of time – and money.

How to Avoid the E-Rabbit Hole

Tim Ferris, author of the book, “The 4-Hour Workweek” says that email is “…the greatest single interruption in the modern world.”  He recommends scaling down obsessive e-mail checking to once a day (he’s weaned himself off of email to the point of only having to check once a week).