Expand Your Business: Become the “Author” of Your Talent

Congratulations! After spending numerous hours, months and years thinking about who you are and what you're all about, you’ve finally discovered your passion, perfected your talents, and turned your hobby into a business. You've done your homework and effectively overcome many new business rough spots, and you've committed to a schedule of trade shows for awhile now. Yet, despite the sense of accomplishment and the success you've gained so far, there’s a gnawing feeling of “What’s next?” Now may be the perfect time to become an author!

Expand Your Business Outlook

If writing a book has ever crossed your mind, your thoughts may have gone something like this: “Me, an author? I don’t know enough about anything to write a book. What would I write about anyway?”

HELLO! Exactly how did you reach your current success? Have you forgotten about all the late nights and early mornings you spent just getting your business off the ground? And what about all those books and articles you read, and all the shopping and going to trade shows you did, not to mention the expenses involved to get your business up and running? You did participate in all that, didn’t you?

While you may not think you “know anything,” if you take some time to think about all you've invested in time, money, energy and resources to get where you are now, that proverbial light bulb may illuminate that you're not only smart and capable, but that you’re capable of so much more. That gnawing feeling is there for a reason and it’s trying to tell you something.           

Become the Author of Your Talent

The truth is you're more talented than you realize. You took the challenge of starting your own business, faced all the risks, and put in the sweat equity to turn your hobby into a successful business. The fact that you haven’t thought of yourself as an author simply might indicate that, until now, all of your time has been spent developing and improving your business.

Through diligence and hard work you managed to reach your conscious goals, but your subconscious goals continue to live just below the surface of what you do every day. The reality of performing your daily business routine has overshadowed a deeper sense that you can do more. But in your subconscious reality, more of your talents lie dormant and now scream to be expressed. 

Instincts are telling you that unless you find a way to release even greater talents, you’re going to have a mess on your hands. Pull back that subconscious veil and your sweaty hands, that queasy stomach and those sleepless nights are all saying, “I have more creativity to share! Let me out!” 

When faced with the facts, you ‘as author’ now seems plausible:

  • Fact 1: You are the only one with your story.
  • Fact 2: You and your experiences are unique.
  • Fact 3: Someone who’s looking to be in your shoes may appreciate your help.

When viewed from that perspective, seeing yourself as an author seems less strange or outside the realm of possibilities. Upon greater reflection, that sense of “more” is somehow satisfied when you think of helping others and consider the degree that others helped and guided you.

Those gnawing subconscious goals can be satisfied easily by you putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and becoming an author. And the topic is ready-made; it’s a given. What is it? It’s your talent, of course! All you need is a bit more courage, more information to impart even greater subject knowledge, and the determination to Do It.

Options that Work
Whatever your artisan handcraft, your specialty works as a book idea:

  • Soap making
  • Quilting
  • Arts & crafts
  • Baking
  • Sewing
  • Jewelry making
  • Wood carving
  • Sculpting
  • Painting
  • Photography

Where to Start

Review all the notes you made about starting your business, collect all the contacts, articles and references you’ve kept, and then evaluate all that you know about your business. When you put all the pieces together, you may be surprised to find that you have enough material for a book.

If you're not a good typist and better at recording information than with writing it down, many affordable systems are available at audio stores and online for you to record your book. With equipment in hand, simply record your book and send the audio to a transcriber who will return a written product. You can then polish your copy or get more help as needed. If you're comfortable with writing and formatting the book yourself, by all means begin. No one knows the material like you do, but assistants are available to help you get past all the hurdles to complete your book.

The secret benefit here, along with feeding your underlying hunger to expand your creative talents and to help others, is that you’ve created another product with the potential for increased revenues. Your book is a stand-alone product, or you can combine it with other products for a broader marketing package.

Author! Author!

If all of the energy, time and effort you put into your business was good enough for you to create it, doesn’t it make sense that someone else might benefit from your knowledge and hard work? The time for shyness passed once your business was in full swing. Be bold and venture toward your next creative level by writing a book about a topic you know very well. Your creative hunger will be satisfied and your newest contribution to society a reality.

Often, people just want to know how you did what you did and how you got to where you are, and they’ll sincerely appreciate your efforts to help them through your book. A reader forms an alliance with an author, and as an author you provide that connection.


Information on how to write a book is plentiful both off-line and online through articles, step-by-step guides, websites and other books, traditional publishers and self-publishing companies. Print on demand (self-publishing) companies offer packages especially attractive for a new author, with options for cost control and control of the number of copies printed, as well as promotional features.

All are helpful, but do your research to find the best fit for you and your book. To learn more visit your local library or bookstore, or use targeted keywords in your favorite Internet search engines.    

CYNTHIA BULL (www.cynrje.com) is an internationally published writer and editor who helps international authors, marketers and speakers add greater value to their products through her top-quality writing, editing and transcription services. She is the author of How To Be A Medical Transcriptionist and Winning At Work While Balancing Your Life, a contributing author of Walking with the Wise Entrepreneur (Mentors Publishing House), cited in Make BIG Profits on eBay (Entrepreneur Press), and Managing Editor of Mentors Magazine Think & Grow Rich Edition. Cynthia has created over 200 book products in the past two years for her clients and, as mentor, helps clients reach their goals through her products, experience and genuine caring. Cynthia writes this feature article exclusively for Debbie May (http://www.debbiemay.com/), an organization dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.