Pay It Forward

In 2005 my web programmers told me to start a blog. I told them that I did not have anything interesting to say and I was far from "hip"...which is what I have always felt was needed to be an expert blogger! I can't spell and on some days I feel so busy that I barely get to see my husband and kids.

Well, after much thought and coaxing by my programmers...I am here....still not hip...but with my oldest daughter by my side....embarking on a new adventure.

"Pay it forward" is unexpectedly doing good things for unrelated people.

In 1997 I experienced a "Pay It Forward" event...that was life changing. My second daughter was born disabled and visually impaired and I needed to unexpectedly take a family leave from work to get her to her therapy appointments. Life was hectic, stressed and at times plain sad.

It was autumn when I realized that it would be a lean Christmas because money was low. My husband was a poorly paid private school teacher and we were on food stamps. There happened to be a county fair nearby and I went to look for something I could make during the week and sell at weekend craftshows. I went directly to the exit and asked the woman monitoring the door, "What is the hot thing this year....the one thing everyone is walking out of here with." She told me it was soap. I walked the show and eventually found the soap table. I found this soapmakers product delightful. I was immediately moved by the fragrance. I bought three bars of her soap and then took a deep breath, gulped.....and told her my story. She was the kindest person. She told me how to make melt and pour soap and where to buy supplies. She talked to me for over 30 minutes and encouraged me. To this day, I remember her face but not her name. All I know is that she was from Pennsylvania.

This woman changed my life. If it was not for her, I would have never made soap. I would have never found this passion. I would have never sold soap at craftshows. I would have never started a supply business. Without this woman, I would not have had the chance to help thousands of customers start their own home business.

If you are reading this and you were this soapmaker at the Berea Fairgrounds in Cuyahoga, County in the fall of 1997...thank you!

Please look at this site as my way of "Paying it Forward". My goal is that I can, in some small way, help you reach your dreams!

Debbie May